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Back !

Phew !  What a day !

Sehwag gets his second triple hundred…I get my internet connection back…

These are good signs…!!!

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  • If population growth was undesirable, why would people migrate to cities in such large numbers? In cities, we become part of economic networks that are larger than what we would get in smaller places, with more opportunities, and a greater chance to speci
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  • It’s hard for Indian fans to cede moral advantage to an Australian team. They are so much better at the cricket that outrage is often the only consolation we have. It’s hard to fault the Australians’ behaviour on the Symonds affair: they’ve made their poi
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  • Gore told the world in his Academy Award-winning movie to expect 20-foot sea-level rises over this century. He ignores the findings of his Nobel co-winners, who conclude that sea levels will rise between only a half-foot and two feet over this century, wi

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