Moving to a permanent home

The show must go on….and it WILL go on, albeit at a different address:

Cheerios !!!

Of conversations…

Coversation overheard in the elevator at work between two ladies:

Lady 1: What did you get for lunch today ?
Lady 2: Nothing…
Lady 1: What ? No lunch today, why ?
Lady 2: We ran out of rice this morning.

Self: (with a self-congratulatory smirk) got to blog about this…remember … blog, “ran out of rice”…google search term … rice …lunch….blog…remember.

Sigh !

In other news:
Turkey blocks all WordPress blogs.
Ah…that is why my blog readership has come down by 50% (from 2 to 1) !

How serene ….

I was at work dealing with a problem in my mind. Realized I needed to go to the men’s room.

So, I get out of my cubicle and start walking in the general direction of the loo. I enter the place, open the door and casually look around. There is this guy, at the stalls, standing with a serene, far-away look on his face, doing his thing. With his arms folded !

For a moment, I thought I had accidentally walked into a conference room or to the water cooler (gosh, I thought! I need to be more aware of my surroundings !). Then I looked around and it indeed was the loo !

I have seen this gentleman at other places too. And he always has that serene, far-away look on his face.I wonder how he stays that serene (how a man can do his thing in the loo with his arms folded, I cannot figure out — not that I have tried ).
I wonder what other expressions he puts. Maybe he does get agitated every now and then when talking to his kids. Maybe he does scowl when India loses a wicket. Maybe….I don’t know.

I wonder, though…

“This much…”

I read this while on an auto-rickshaw this morning:

 I asked Jesus

“How much do you love me ?”

“This much”, he replied

Then He outstretched his arms

And Died

Is that a pun or a piece of sublime devotional literature ?

I guess I’ll go straight to heaven if I can figure that out…

The “Other” Blog

Introducing a blog which has been on the back-burner for a while. This one is mainly dedicated to the best writing on the web. The Writing Wall will mostly focus on freedom, free markets, freedom of speech and such-like.

Hope you will like it.

Law of contradiction

The more errands I run each day, the more there are remaining to be run

The lesser I blog, the lesser there is to blog about…

The reading list — an open thread

Friends..It is time to celebrate the passion of reading !

As someone who loves reading and loves the feel of a new book in my hands, I would like to know what you are reading, what you find interesting and what you would recommend to your friends.

Drop in your comments, your favorite books, books that you would love to read, books that are waiting on your bookshelf…anything.

Here is my list:

Books read this year:

  1. Faster — by James Gleick
  2. Black Friday — by S Hussain Zaidi
  3. No Onions Nor Garlic — by Srividya Natarajan
  4. Getting Past NO — by William Ury
  5. The Richest Man in Babylon — by George S Clason
  6. One Night at the Call Center — by Chetan Bhagat
  7. The Reluctant Fundamentalist — by Mohsin Hamid
  8. Hard Times — by Charles Dickens
  9. 13 December: The Strange Case of the Attack on the Indian Parliament — a collection of essays.
  10. Tuesdays with Morrie — by Mitch Albom
  11. The Great Gatsby — by F.Scott Fitzgerald
  12. Dateline Islamabad — by Amit Baruah
  13. Going To The Movies — by Syd Field
  14. The Purple Cow — Seth Godin
  15. The Search — John Battelle

Currently Reading:

  1. The Intelligent Investor — by Benjamin Graham
  2. Event, Metaphor, Memory — by Shahid Amin

Waiting in the bookshelf (my neglected list):

  1. Why I am not a Christian — by Bertrand Russell
  2. The God of Small Things — by Arundhati Roy
  3. Eats, Shoots and Leaves — by Lynne Truss

So, there. That is my list. Waiting for your list(s).