Harsha Bhogle clone at Neo Sports

There is this gentleman (the anchor) on Neo Sports who is desperately trying to sound like Harsha Bhogle.

And, he is making a mess of it (like I did there…starting a sentence with “And”) !

… Can someone please tell me if this is just my perception ?


Hush ! hush ! I am working !

I work at a noisy place. It is a huge room full of cubicles.

The noise does not come from the multitude of people answering phone calls.Ironically, it comes from one person who, somehow, always shouts into the phone. it does not matter who he is speaking to…I can always hear him.

When I go home and switch on the TV to watch the cricket match, I cannot hear what the commentators are saying…this guy’s voice is ringing in my ears.

The pity is, when you confront this kind of person, they come up with a standard response: “That is my voice, I cannot control it. That is how I talk in everyday life. I am not shouting…anyways, I will try and be a little careful next time.”

Yes. That is how his voice is..he cannot control it. He cannot lower it. He cannot help it, poor thing.
Then, when he is talking to his wife on the phone about the money stashed under the bed at home, he is whispering, his voice barely audible !

How do I know he is talking to his wife when I cannot hear him ? Because I cannot hear him…he is whispering (“pss..pss…pss…PSSS !! psss…OK ?”).
So, he must be talking to his wife. About the money stashed under the bed.

Damn people !

Passing thoughts…a blurb

I have been watching the same channel on TV for 10 minutes now.

I am worried that if I do not use the remote every now and then, the TV will invoke the screen saver !

I am freaking out… !!! That is what happens when India lose a cricket match.

Hyderabad bomb blasts…

44 people die in twin blasts in the heart of Hyderabad.

Three months ago, the city was rocked by blasts in the Mecca Masjid. One year ago, Mumbai’s local trains were ripped apart by 7 chain blasts. In September last year, 31 people were killed in blasts in Malegaon.

Is it just me or is that stunning ?

No other country has this kind of record. I wonder why.

How many of these blasts could have been avoided through meaningful intelligence ? How many of these could have been prevented through better security checks ?

I do not know if I am over-simplifying the situation. I do get the feel, however, that our Home minister and his ministry suck big time.

What do you think ?

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Ind v Eng Second ODI…

Passing thought this:

England are not playing Panesar because of the short straight boundaries. So, they are playing four fast bowlers.

I am wondering. With a spinner, to hit a boundary, you have to reach the pitch of the ball, create your own pace and hit the ball hard (taking a risk i.e) to get to that straight boundary. With a fast bowler, you just have to get bat to ball — either a straight drive or a tickle past the keeper (or even a wide down the legside) — and the pace of the bowler will do the rest.

I am wondering…

Passing thoughts ….

I am amazed at how people can spend 5,10, 15 years in the software industry and not know a single thing about software project management. Or is it that they know and don’t care to implement it ? I keep seeing these “bigwigs/intellectuals” who insist on releasing the code to the customers without adequate testing (“get the software to the users, we can always fix the bugs later”)

I have seen managers who are great manipulators. I have worked with guys who are great man-managers; they are able to motivate people working with them to give their best. They are able to get the job done. They are able to bring in new business. But somehow, they are never good project managers.

Is the service industry screwing up the art of software project management ? Do we need a new paradigm for managing projects built especially for the service industry ?

I somehow feel software projects and the customer interface of the service industry should be kept miles away from each other. I believe they cannot co-exist.