“Googlebomb”…now thats what this site needs !

Story from BoingBoing:

A Polish paper has reported that a googlebomber (“23 years old Marek W. from Cieszyn”) has been arrested for creating a googlebomb that turned President Lech Kaczyński’s homepage into the top search result for Google searches on the word “kutas” (“penis”). Marek W faces up to three years in prison.

Read the full article here .

I wonder why the President is complaining… !


Amul…the taste of India


 Amul Story : As Tom Cruise would say, the hits just keep on coming… !

All links on this post via Smoke Signals where “The Commentator” has a bigger post on the same subject.

Enjoy !

Novak Djokovich: imitating Federer and others…

Here is the video link from Youtube:

There are many more on Youtube that I did not get time to watch.

What does king Roger think of this ? Here is the US Open Finals report from The Hindu:

Djokovic also does one of Federer that’s posted on YouTube. But Federer didn’t exactly smile when asked about Djokovic’s joking.

“I know some guys weren’t happy. I know some guys might think it’s funny,” he said. “He’s walking a tightrope, for sure.”

Ouch ! The man has no sense of humor, eh ? Some people do not even think King Roger is human (link via Jabberwock)

The South Carolina comedy show…

I will just keep quite on this (too much of this already on the internet)  and point you to

Number 1: the video link:


Number 2: To an explanation…

Snytax under pressure

 OK…now you can laugh…

Will Australia sell Uranium to India ?


Times of India never fails to amuse me…but this has gone a little too far…

Watch out for these words on the page “Australia”, “Uranium”, “sell”, “India” 

I wonder if this show was only for online readers or the actual newspaper carried this gimmick too !

For everything else, there’s Mastercard !