India are champs … Part 3 … questions..

A lot of back-slapping is happening in the Indian camp right now.

Lots of folks (too many links to put here) are asking for the Big 3 to move on from ODIs. Lots and lots of folks think Dhoni should be made captain of the test team too.

I am not knowledgeable enough to credit or dis-credit these calls. However, I do have questions of my own:

1. Will this team me able to carry the intensity of Twenty20 cricket into the 50-over version ?

So often, the primary reason Team India loses ODIs is that they are unable to kill off the game when they are on top. Indian captains are known to let things drift, especially in the middle overs of a 50-over game. Twenty overs seemed just right for this team. The innings was over before they ran out of steam (even though, there were instances against England and Pakistan when the game did drift a bit).How about keeping the intensity in the field for 50 overs ?

2. Will running between the wickets be exposed in the 50-over game ?

Admittedly, the running between wickets in the T20 tournament was pretty good. It was not exhilirating, but you could live with it. However, T20 is not about running between wickets, it is about getting the fours and the sixes (the ocassional 2 or 3 does help immensely, though). Will this weakness come to the fore again in the 50-over version ?

3. Is the batting experienced enough to bat for 50 overs consistently against quality attacks ?

Twenty overs is all a bowling side had in this version (some bowlers are thankful for that !). This means that bowlers like Mohmd Asif, Umer Gul, Stuart Clark, Pollock etc only had 4 overs each. In addition to that, T20 places different kinds of pressure on the bowlers…even the experienced sorts. This will be dramatically different in the 50-over format. Will this young line-up be able to handle that ? More importantly, will they be able to play positively consistently enough ? Do they have the experience to pace their innings ?

There are many such questions…questions that will only partially be answered in the next few months.

Let us wait and see how many Indian “fans” are still felicitating these players after those months… !

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