Motorist bleeds to death as Kolkata turns blind eye

This piece of news from CNN-IBN is scary.

The crossing near Nalban at Salt Lake is where one can witness a bulk of traffic. And tragedy struck on the crossing during the office rush hour on Wednesday morning.  A speeding bus hit 25-year-old Bijoy Dey and his body lay in a pool of blood, but not a single passerby came to his rescue.  A local TV reporter spotted him before police arrived, and it was already 40 minutes late..………………… The residents seem to have lost faith in the system.

Reading through the comments section, people look like they are disgusted more by the inaction of the passers-by than that of the authorities.Yes, the passers-by could have done more. Yes, someone had to inform the police, otherwise how would the police know.

(Let us ignore for the time being that a VVIP car passed by the scene of the accident without bothering to help…that’s how our politicians are !)
Now, ask yourself this question: What would you do if you were at the scene of the accident?

(Let us assume, for the sake of simplicity, that you are a genuine do-gooder).

Do you know what first-aid to give? Do you know the ambulance numbers? Do you know where you can get the nearest health-care service? Do you know if you are to inform the police first or to take the injured to hospital first?

Do you know what your responsibilities/rights are as an eyewitness to the accident or as someone who brought the injured to the hospital ?

How easy is it to help in an accident in our country?

 Of course, where there is a will there is a way. Of course, if you ask around, you will figure out how to help. There are scores of folks in our country who do that every time. But they are the good Samaritans…what about the lowest denominator?

I firmly believe that when you make it easy for people to lend a helping hand, most of them do (which is why online donations are so popular)…if you are going to depend on the good of the people all the time, you are asking for too much.

We have a government whose job it is to provide us the infrastructure. We pay taxes so they can do that. We cannot bank on the government to do everything for us…but we expect them to make it easy for us to discharge our duties.

Why do we pay bribes? It is easier to pay a bribe and get a job done than to follow the correct route. Of course, we have RTI…but is it the perfect system?

As an aside, I wonder what happened to do this? Does anyone know?

Read this excellent paper on Trauma-care in India…this is a little dated but this is the best piece I could find on the net.

Quiz question: What is the accident help line in India?

Answer: 1066, I think.


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