Novak Djokovich: imitating Federer and others…

Here is the video link from Youtube:

There are many more on Youtube that I did not get time to watch.

What does king Roger think of this ? Here is the US Open Finals report from The Hindu:

Djokovic also does one of Federer that’s posted on YouTube. But Federer didn’t exactly smile when asked about Djokovic’s joking.

“I know some guys weren’t happy. I know some guys might think it’s funny,” he said. “He’s walking a tightrope, for sure.”

Ouch ! The man has no sense of humor, eh ? Some people do not even think King Roger is human (link via Jabberwock)


One Response to “Novak Djokovich: imitating Federer and others…”

  1. nino Says:

    is hi monkey?

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