The crap that is Braveheart

The epic that portrays Scotland’s fight for freedom from England starring Mel Gibson.

This is not a review of the film. I am not qualified enough to review movies. What this is, though, is an expression of disappointment; disappointment over a lost opportunity.

Every nation’s fight for freedom/independence is an epic story. When individuals fight for their own freedoms, their own rights, it presents an intriguing story. Now, consider an entire nation fighting for its values. Consider how much poetry there is to it. Thousands, maybe millions, of people fighting together for a common cause. The emergence of leaders. When civilians take up arms, or sometimes fight a non-violent battle, leaders have to emerge from within the sea of humanity. These leaders are ordinary people who have made a choice from the multiple choices that circumstance offered to them. There is an internal struggle involved in overcoming the self-doubt, the resistance from within, the dilemma that the choice involves. That is the creation of a hero…a hero from an ordinary human being; and it does not happen through accident.

Far too many times, movies give this internal struggle a pass. I wince as I watch our hero William Wallace emerge from the shadows without so much as a warning. Where is the dilemma ? where is the agony ? where is the internal struggle, pray ?

Maybe it is my fault. I was expecting a character-driven narrative while what I was watching was a “shoot-em-up” westerner (albeit in a different landscape).
Alas, Braveheart does not have spirit ! Going by the box-office, nobody is mourning this lack of spirit apparently.

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