Passing thoughts…a blurb

I have been watching the same channel on TV for 10 minutes now.

I am worried that if I do not use the remote every now and then, the TV will invoke the screen saver !

I am freaking out… !!! That is what happens when India lose a cricket match.

India v England 7th ODI…passing thoughts 2

How about Ramesh Powar shuffling across the stumps to dab the ball finer than fine leg .. !

And how about Dmitri Masceranhas following him…getting the ball closer and closer to off and middle stump line trying to trap him lbw.

What will happen ? Will Powar keep doing it ? will Dmitri get him ?

Ah well….he is run-out…what a pity !

India v England 7th ODI…passing thoughts

Freddie needs to get a life…and he probably needs to get down to earth.

Of course, I am saying this a few overs after Dravid and Tendulkar got the boot from Aleem Daar (no hard feelings towards Aleem…everyone makes mistakes. It doesnt matter what the consequences of those mistakes are…its like Gibbs dropping Steve Waugh in the WC…huge mistake, but it is still only a mistake).

What gets my goat, though, is the number of times dear Freddie gets away hurling abuses at his opponents. I remember him getting the wicket of Harbhajan Singh in the famous Natwest final in 2002. You could read his lips clearly (more so in the slow-mos) “F**k off !”. I was watching the recording of the match and I later went to check on the news how he was penalized. Guess what …. the incident wasn’t even mentioned by anyone !

As I watch this game, I see Freddie talk to Uthappa just after the umpire (Aleem Daar !) turned down a caught-behind appeal .. sort of telling him that he should have walked. (Of course, the omni-present Pieterson was there to give some gyaan to Indian batsmen. Pieterson, by thhe way, is fast turning into another Freddie…getting away with nonsense on the field. Tell me, how much was he penalized for the jelly-bean thing ?)

Freddie is good…good with the bat..better with the ball. But I believe he almost has the attitude that he is the best around. I like attitude…but I dislike haughtiness. It disgusts me.

If I were Barkha Dutt from NDTV, I would write: “Here is my disgust. Where’s yours ?”

Update: Utthapa out … and England did not even need the help of Aleem Daar !

My predictions for T20 World Cup

Here are my predictions for the Twenty20 World Cup starting in SA in a couple of days:

  1. India will NOT win this WC
  2. Finalists: England, Australia
  3. Batsmen who will succeed : Adam Gilchrist, Mike Hussey, Luke Wright, Kevin Pieterson, Graeme Smith, Ross Taylor, Brendon McCullum, Kaushal Lokuarachchi (yes, as a batsman), Shoaib Malik, Dwayne Bravo, Dinesh Ramdin, Tanim Iqbal (Bangladesh),Aftab Ahmed (Bangladesh) Dhoni, Uthappa
  4. Bowlers who will succeed: Stuart Clarke, Andrew Symonds (yes, as a bowler), Mark Gillespie (NZ), Mohammad Asif, Farvez Maharoof, Dwayne Bravo
  5. Best WicketKeeper : face-off between Gilchrist and Kamran Akmal

Who will be the champs ?


Clear hai ?

Where’s your list ?

P.S: reasons for my choice of players ? will write about it later…but for now suffice to say that I have picked the most inventive and adapting players available.

Tendulkar to retire from ODIs … Part 2

I apologize if I have confused my readers…(it seems nobody knows who is retiring and who is “still enjoying the game very much”)

Handing it over here to Prem Panicker

I have learnt my lesson. You only report on future events in Indian cricket after they have taken place..!

(After all that he has done, the man can’t even retire on his own terms… !)