India v England 4th ODI .. passing thoughts 5

So…in the end England did win the match !
Let me see what cliches I can use here: “Inability to finish things off”, “lack of killer instinct”, “losing the hunger”, “letting the opponent of the hook”…

It seemed last night that by the time they got Colingwood out, the Indians had run out of steam. They were charged up when the English came out to bat. Something was said and words were flying around. The whole team looked like they wanted to prove a point…it was a pretty sight.
Somewhere, at the point when Owais Shah got out, the Indians seemed to be saying to themselves “ we have shown them…that ought to tell the world what we are capable of. Let’s get back to square one now”. The feeling that the point had been proven and there was nothing else to show the world…that is what takes away the hunger.

I have commented previously about how the Indians get charged up only when something is said to them…mostly something unpleasant. Remember the events of World Cup 2003 ? Remember India v Australia series 2001 ?…that is a big list.

Playing for your country and the chance of making millions should be motivation enough, in my book. It should charge you up every day, every night. If you feel the energy and motivation draining, you should sit the game out and let some of the other guys play.

No ?

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