India v England 4th ODI… passing thoughts 4

Wickets falling fast now….

Owais Shah out…caught at bat-pad (actually glove…)…back-of-length ball from Powar ..with a little loop. Shah lunges forward..should have played back to that. It was a harmless little delivery, really. It looks like Shah had come in with a pre-determination to play forward to to the tweakers, no matter what. There was a lofted shot over mid-on off Chawla on display earlier on from Shah. He did not manage to reach the pitch of the ball (he also danced down the wicket and ended up at least two feet away from the line of the ball !) on that occasion either. The only thing that saved him was that he was closer to the pitch then. This time he was way off the mark…

Colingwood run-out. That is a shame…he was playing so well…playing so late…alas he was late in getting to his crease too !!! (cheesy again, eh !)


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