Watching a debate on CNN IBN about whether Kapil is justified in running a parallel cricket league

The whole debate is ridiculous, to start with. However, we will let that lie for the time being.

Arun Jaitley says: “you cannot be part of a rebel league and still expect to be part of the apex body”. My question to Mr.Jaitley is : have you heard of the Kanga league in Mumbai ? This is the monsoon league of Mumbai where, sometimes, Team India stars come to work on their weaknesses.

Through all the hustle-bustle of news,debates et al, people tend to forget that ICL is just another league. There is nothing “rebel” about it. Did ICL ever say that players who chose to be employed with the BCCI cannot work for ICL ? Did ICL sack Kapil Dev ?

It is the BCCI that wants to paint that picture for us. Why do they want to do that ? They are worried that they cannot keep sitting on their haunches while bringing in the big bucks anymore. They have to shape up or get shipped out.
The ICL is just another cricket league where players get job opportunities. Is that such a bad thing ?

Tell, tell Mr. Jaitley…

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    […] these are the people who want to sack Kapil Dev and call themselves “apex body” […]

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