The Chucking Saga: Bedi vs Murali

Here is a round-up of some of the viewpoints on this controversy:

What is the controversy ?

CONTROVERSIAL Sri Lankan spinner Muttiah Muralitharan has been labelled the “best shot-putter in the history of cricket” only months out from his tour of Australia this summer.

The astonishing attack came from Indian spin legend Bishan Bedi who insists Muralitharan’s action is so illegal that all of his 700 Test wickets should count as run outs.

I secretly chuckled at the “so illegal” and “should be counted as run outs” parts !

Ranatunga responds to Bedi responds to Rantunga (whew !)

After calling Murali, the second highest Test wicket-taker in the world, “the best shot-putter in the history of cricket,” Bedi is reported to have hit back at Sri Lanka’s World Cup winning captain Arjuna Ranatunga, who is a staunch supporter of Murali for calling him an idiot, who is only after some publicity.”

“Ranatunga is a bigger idiot because he, as a captain, created the ruckus regarding the chucking issue. I would like to believe that I played the gentleman’s game in a gentleman way and I would not like to respond to that rotten Sri Lankan,” Bedi has been quoted as saying by MiD-Day here on Friday.

Earlier, Ranatunga had told the tabloid that Bedi just wants publicity and prominence and I think the media should just give him that.

Ranatunga is not one to turn the other cheek and we all respect him for that. But….anyways..


Another Aussie Scott Heinrich writes about the controversy and sees this as a face-off between the freedom of speech and one man’s fight for recognition and acceptance (that last phrase there almost sounded like a movie tag line !)

IN SOME ways, Bishan Bedi had it coming. In others, the possibility that Muttiah Muralitharan could sue for defamatory comments made in relation to his bowling action symbolizes a huge road block to the right of free speech.

My two cents on the issue ?

I do not understand why Murali still needs acceptance from every Tom, Dick and Harry. The ICC has called his action legitimate. He is allowed to play, and he is taking wickets aplenty in every form of the game. Bedi needs to get a life, but surely he has the right to express his opinion no matter how crude that opinion is.

Finally, find out what the rule really is.

I will keep updating this post with more links as I discover them.


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