Salman Khan to go to jail

If I had a penny for the number of times I read/watched that story, I would be lending money to Bill Gates !

But, folks have to run news channels, no ! So there.

Bollywood actor Salman Khan will go to jail, as a court in Jodhpur rejected his appeal against his conviction in the Chinkara poaching case.Salman had appealed against a five-year jail term given to him by a lower court last year for poaching a Chinkara, an endangered species under the Wildlife Act near Jodhpur, in 1998.

More gems from his co-actor Govinda:

Salman’s co-actor in Partner, Govinda, told NDTV that Salman was being targetted and that his conviction was not a good sign for the country.”Nothing fails like success. Controversies are often created around young stars,” he said. ”I am praying for Salman,” he added.

There are moments when words fail you…apparently, these film stars do not have such moments.

“not good for the country” ? Are we talking about Salman going to jail or did I just miss something ? “young stars” ? young as compared to ?

Strange creatures these: Govinda and Salman. No wonder one got into Parliament and the other into jail.

Well, almost.


One Response to “Salman Khan to go to jail”

  1. Zoya Says:

    well,i think he deserves it but i really do hope that the movie is great im just looking forward to it because its a comedy

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