Eternity #2 Puzzle

Remember my rant about how I was getting a lot of hits via the search engine term “Infinity Puzzle 2” ?

Well, turns out folks are actually looking for “Eternity 2 Puzzle”.

Yes, it’s true: you can win $ 2 Million in your spare time: Eternity 2 Puzzle , the sequel to 1999’s mega-successful million dollar puzzle Eternity I, offers a sensational Two Million Dollars prize to the first person to solve the 256 piece puzzle. There are countless ways to solve Eternity ii. All you have to do is arrange the 256 pieces in a 16×16 square so that the patterns and colours of every piece match the adjoining edge of the piece next to it. It’s actually easier than it sounds.

Here is the link

Thanks to Alex Desam who actually took the pains to point this out to me.


One Response to “Eternity #2 Puzzle”

  1. Dave Clark Says:

    There is a free software program at which allows owners of the eternityii puzzle to use their computer to try and solve the puzzle and win half the $2,000,000 !
    Dave Clark

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