How serene ….

I was at work dealing with a problem in my mind. Realized I needed to go to the men’s room.

So, I get out of my cubicle and start walking in the general direction of the loo. I enter the place, open the door and casually look around. There is this guy, at the stalls, standing with a serene, far-away look on his face, doing his thing. With his arms folded !

For a moment, I thought I had accidentally walked into a conference room or to the water cooler (gosh, I thought! I need to be more aware of my surroundings !). Then I looked around and it indeed was the loo !

I have seen this gentleman at other places too. And he always has that serene, far-away look on his face.I wonder how he stays that serene (how a man can do his thing in the loo with his arms folded, I cannot figure out — not that I have tried ).
I wonder what other expressions he puts. Maybe he does get agitated every now and then when talking to his kids. Maybe he does scowl when India loses a wicket. Maybe….I don’t know.

I wonder, though…


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