Infinity Puzzle…

Update: If you came here looking for “Eternity ii Puzzle”, please go here

I noticed recently that this blog has been getting a lot of hits from the google search string “infinity puzzle 2”. I swear to God I have no idea what Search Engine Optimization is !

Anyway, here is today’s infinity puzzle :

I had written a post sometime back titled “Infinity Puzzle 2“. For some reason beyond my limited mental capabilities, a lot of folks are recently using that exact search string in google. So, if I write a post every day and just fill it with the term “infinity puzzle 2”, will I keep getting more and more hits ? Will there be an end to it or will it keep on increasing till Google does a repeat of its Florida dance ?

There, that should boost the hitrate on my blog ! I am satisfied….


2 Responses to “Infinity Puzzle…”

  1. alex Says:

    Searchers mix up “infinity” with “eternity” (as I just did). (Etenity #2 puzzle has a US$2 million payout).

  2. sridharvanka Says:

    Thanks Alex…the mystery is solved !
    I will give a link in my blog so people can go to the right place.

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