The genius that is Sachin Tendulkar

We deride the man for every mistake that he commits. While some of the criticism is fair, most of it does not make sense.

They say he cannot bat in the fourth innings (India vs Pakistan, Chennai, 136), they say Lara is more fluent and stylish than him (I say Sachin has a love and passion for the game that Lara could never show us). They say he has overstayed his welcome (I agree).

But let us not forget what we will miss when he does decide to call it a day. Watch the video and tell me if you have seen a cricketer who finds more joy in the cricket field:

I especially finds the dismissals of Moin Khan and Shane Warne endearing : Moin Khan, because it was the last ball of the day, Shane Warne because he fooled the great leggie with a flipper !


3 Responses to “The genius that is Sachin Tendulkar”

  1. indianzrock Says:

    I like to watch 10dulker hit tons

  2. Jaydip Mehta Says:

    Though I have not seem full video, Sachin undoubtely has great passion towards cricket..
    I have put a link to your blog at

  3. sridharvanka Says:

    Thanks Jaydip…I did read your “tight slap” post…and liked it.
    keep up the writing….cheers !

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