Will the real Sania Mirza please step out !

Another frustrating defeat for Sania Mirza. This is a continuation of her streak of losing out in the second round of all major tournaments.

I wonder what it is that gees the nation up so much about this young lady. I have seen tons of news stories about her on TV and read gazillion bytes written about her on the net. These mostly focus on her good looks, her attitude, the T-shirts she wears, the jewelery she wears, her Muslim background, how her father has coached her, which foreign coach she is working with…the works.

Surprisingly, in all of this, I haven’t read or watched a single piece analyzing her game, her strong points, her weaknesses. She is a mystery to most of us Indian sports fans. Its almost as if she is a black-box and you can never be sure what is going to turn out of it any given day. Perhaps if we spent some time understanding what it is that her game is made of, we could figure out how good she really is.

I feel she has a panache for finishing off points and can hardly resist a chance on her strong forehand. There is a lack of patience and a lack of the approach towards building each point. Given the fact that she does not have a super-booming serve and also the fact that she is of below average height and weight (in women’s tennis), she doesn’t have a lot going for her. She needs to be more like Justin Henin, trying to build each point up to its climax, trying to outwit and wrong foot the opponent, trying to make angles with available firepower.

But all of the above, I believe, is too simplistic. These news channels need to get an expert to give the viewers an idea of what is missing in her game so they understand the real Sania Mirza. There is no point in building up hype with each game she wins and then bringing her down when she loses. Its not fair to her, its not fair to us viewers.

Will the real Sania please step out !

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  1. Rohit Menon Says:

    Nice post pal…Check out my article on Sania on my blog…I’d like to hear from you.

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