Say no to Pratibha Patil as President !

Demand Answers

Hi Folks…putting this banner up to express solidarity with the rest of sane Indians who are saying no to this lady as our next president. If you would like to display this banner on your blogs too, you can pick it up from here .

Also read this nice piece by Amit Varma on why we don’t need this lady as our President.

I don’t know if this will make a difference…but anyways.


2 Responses to “Say no to Pratibha Patil as President !”

  1. Murali Says:

    Why not? This is our HERITAGE right? scams, corruption, nepotism etc etc. Why only this time so much focus on presidential election? I think its as-usual-over-hype by news channels! Or it might be Kalam factor! We should be more than happy to have Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam as our president in our life time.
    Politically speaking, as one of the congress party man told, all these are ONLY allegations and NONE of them have been proved!!!

  2. sridharvanka Says:

    Murali, you are right.
    I do not understand the need for a President. My angst is not so much as to who should be or should not be president as to why we need a president. They are a huge burden on our finances.
    What really pisses me off is the behavior of the Congress party in this whole issue. We all know how the party handpicks people who are loyal to the Gandhi family. But this is taking even that to an extreme. And to think that they actually are trying to justfying this whole scam !!!

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