Pratibha Patil, the nut case

Ouch…that post headline…I am sure to get my blog banned by Shiv Sena or the Congress…or someone…surely..

But read this…I couldn’t keep myself from posting this link here…

Besides the entertainment quotient, she’s also proving to be one spunky lady: I mean, if I ever heard voices in my head, I’d freak. Our putative president, however, doesn’t turn a hair; “I had a pleasant experience” is how she describes the sort of thing that mostly happens to you in the middle of a bad trip.

Read the full post if you can.

I believe this is the kind of president we deserve going by the way we have been behaving recently. I wonder if she will continue to hear voices in her head after she becomes president, though — maybe Sonia Gandhi’s, eh ? Naah…that was just a cheap shot from me. Sorry…


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