The horrible world we live in…

India Uncut never fails to shock me…

Read this piece…I do not want to post any thoughts…I am left speechless.

If you’re straight, imagine one more time the dystopia gay Indians live in, where not just sex but love and companionship are elusive. Isn’t that criminal?

Thanks to Amit Varma for bringing this piece to us.
How insensitive can we humans be ?


2 Responses to “The horrible world we live in…”

  1. Murali... Says:

    Yes its definitely horrible India to live in. I got this thought for nth time when I watched telugu movie ‘Shock’. Cops shot hero mistaking him to be a naxalite. Later they realise the blunder but to cover it up they frame him as naxalit with false evidence and story goes on with couple of other ‘shocks’ as well!
    In India nothing is left out…adoption racket OR flood relief racket OR beggers mafia OR even Haj piligrimage racket OR infants for sale OR even things like treating the patients for non-existing diseases…
    I do sound very negative in mentioning all these but this is not THE MYTH but its THE FACT!

  2. Sridhar Vanka Says:

    As always, good points !

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