Far off worlds

I look at the night sky and see a star close by a quarter moon. And I wonder …

When I was a kid, our family would sit in a circle and eat dinner..those were the days devoid of the noisy television shows.

Ocassionaly, I would look out the window and look at the stars out in the night sky and wonder. I used to imagine that among those tiny stars, somewhere, was a world very similar to ours.
I used to imagine that there was a family similar to ours, eating dinner at this very moment. I used to wonder if the kid in the family was also looking out at the night sky (for some reason, I just assumed that it was night there too..) and thinking the very same thoughts that I was thinking.
Was it possible that the kid was also me and not some other kid in another world. Was it possible that this “far off world” was a reflection of our own earth. What were the odds that someone had put up a huge mirror and that we were looking at our own reflections in this mirror ?

Was it possible that someone had, with a clever and elaborate mirror arrangement, made the universe look infinite (remember what the interior decorators say: to make a room look larger, put up a big mirror along the wall ?) ? Are we looking at the reflections of our own solar system all around ?

Or is it even more elaborate ? Has this “someone” put an even more clever arrangement of a million mirrors around me so that everywhere I look, I see images of myself — some taller than me, some shorter, some fatter, some thinner and so forth ? Maybe, you do not exist. Maybe you are just a distorted image of mine like those images that we see in the weird mirrors in science museums.

Sound plausible ?


One Response to “Far off worlds”

  1. Murali... Says:

    I think this blog fits BEST in your ‘Madmans Dairy’!

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