License to watch TV

I could not confirm it but this is what I heard on radio yesterday: Broadcasters are demanding that pubs take permission before streaming cricket matches on widescreen TV sets to patrons.

This gave me an idea: Will we come to a point where, when a broadcaster or a TV channel shows a cricket match or a movie, they will charge per “seat”. By seat, I am referring to the way software licenses are sold: you pay for each installation of the software.

So, when I watch a movie telecast by Sony, I will have to pay for two seats : my wife and myself. At my parents’ house, they may have to pay more since there is a bigger family.
The biggest challenge for the broadcasters would be to verify how many people are actually watching the show. If a bystander on the road halts to catch the score for a moment in a TV shop, will the shop owner have to pay for the extra viewer ? Will there be corporate licenses or deals with such shops or pubs and such like ?

What do you think ? Is this a good way to milk innocent people ? Or are there other more devious ways to take away freedom ?


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