The shoe also fits the other foot !

“With great power comes great responsibility”

Story from Cricinfo.
This story has been beaten to death. But the point remains. As a major power in world cricket today, the Indian sub-continent has great power. But it has not realized its responsibility yet.
The story quoted above humbles us (as part of the sub-continent) — it stares at our hollow pride and sniggers at us.
Does being a financial heavy-weight in the game make the sub-continent teams immune to the laws and the spirit of the game ? Do we not always whine about how the developed nations act unjustly ? Are we not copying them now that we have the power to make a difference ?

This justifies my belief that all human beings are alike; all communities are alike. Its just a matter of which foot the shoe is on. It is not done to say that such and such a race is violent by nature or such and such a nation is benevolent and peace-loving. It is all a matter of circumstance. Given the oppportunity, we can all be devils.

I am worried…deeply worried.


One Response to “The shoe also fits the other foot !”

  1. Murali... Says:

    Yes given the opportunity we all, except 1 in a million, “will” be devils. When my friends used to discuss same old story of politicians being corrupt and why they keep on swallowing billions of rupees without a limit, I used to say to them that they have the opportunity where as we do not have and we are also behaving more or less simillarly within the limited opportunities we have!

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