Now, why didnt I think of this before !!!

Just got this brilliant idea…wait listen me out guys !

I think human beings live multiple lives at the same time. Not as in they have multiple personalities. But as in they are living as seperate individuals. Different human beings with seperate bodies, seperate brains but one unique soul. The soul is the operating system which shares memory for different lives. The soul is supporting multiple lives like the kernel of the operating system. We are all only able to access the application-interface of the operating system without knowing what is running underneath.
When one application is terminated or crashes (one life ends), it is replaced by other new apps (lives) or time is freed for the other applications to use. This time-sharing is done so efficiently by the operating system (soul) that we hardly ever notice. When we do notice, we get a sense of deja vu that we are all so familiar with …

Maar dala…maar dala…too maaaaaaaaaaaaaach !!!

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2 Responses to “Now, why didnt I think of this before !!!”

  1. Vaidya Says:

    Good thought… But.. I think its just different OS(Life) and the same hardware(Soul)… yeah we share the same hardware but just the OS is different!!! One day we will fight the hardware!!!! Mr. Anderson that day is not far away.. and your end is inevitable!!!!

  2. Vaidya Says:

    ok.. jokes apart.. seriously thinking….

    How does it matter if it is one soul or different souls? If, let us say, what you think is correct then what? How is it going to change our life? How is it going to make our living any better?

    Ok, if those questions can’t be answered, let us try this. If, there is only one soul, where is it? And what you do if you find the soul?

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