I am sitting on a goldmine !

According to this an average human being gets about 12000 thoughts per day . Wow !

Now, assuming I am an “average human being”, I too will get around 12000 thoughts per day. If I take one percent of those thoughts to be blog-able, I should have atleast 1200 post possibilities (remember, we are still talking per day here !)
Again, assuming I do get around to putting words around even 1 percent of those thoughts, I would still have 12 posts per day !!!

That would mean that I would end up being the only person with enough time to read my blog…

Hence, I have decided not to pursue that line of thought…..


One Response to “I am sitting on a goldmine !”

  1. vaithianadan Says:

    Sorry.. I swollowed first part of my comment… here I puke it out!! “Correction if 1% of 12000 thoughts is 1200 then, 1% of 1200 posts is 120………”

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