Of Songs and other divinities

There is this new craze in our movies : Stars singing songs. I think it is a very encouraging sign. I am fervently hoping for the day when they would all slowly take to playback singing as their main profession and leave the acting field. I can then peacefully enjoy movies while skipping the songs.

Latest in the craze is Mr. Bacchhan himself. He sings a song for Nishabd.
Now, some of my friends might say that he sounds like a drunkard in the song. Some might say that his voice is too low pitched to be used for this song. Yet some more friends might say that this is a straight life of a U2 song. But what does Mr.Bacchhan care !
I shudder when Mr.Bacchhan sings “Kuch dekhoon to yaad aate ho, kuch pehnoon to yaad aate ho”.
What is this world coming to, I say !


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