Indian team for Cricket World Cup


I am starting my very own news-channel from today.
For a very brief period (we will call this the “incubation period”) this channel will focus on cricket.
One thing that this channel does not vouch for is original content. I mean, with all the sources around me, who needs to be original — original people are such a bore anyway !

So, to our very first story (coconuts breaking in the back-ground !).

The selectors have picked the 15-member squad for the World Cup in the Caribbean.

(Ticker scrolling at the bottom as the news reader reads this: “Is this the best team to beat B’Desh ? SMS ‘Y’ or ‘N’ to 5555 or call 055-5555-5555 and say ‘Pollstar’ to express your opinion”)

The team:

(go to cricinfo and read the team sheet — this is not a tagging service for heaven’s sake !)

Quotes from our captain Rahul Dravid:

“We have picked the best team available on the basis of current form and promise” — still can’t believe Anil Kumble and Sehwag fall under “current form” or “promise” category !

“Some of the players selected themselves” — who, we might ask, are those players — definitely must be Harbhajan and Anil Kumble and Sehwag and…. because no one else would have selected them — not even Kumble’s dog !

On some of the senior members being ‘slow’ in the outfield — “I think the experience will help the team in the WI” — yeah… this team has a lot of experience in losing. It will definitely help the team find better, newer, more unique ways of losing. Maybe we will even lose to South Africa and England …Siva ! Siva !

(Meanwhile: TV screen shows clippings from recent matches of the following :
Pathan getting hit for a six over , yes, midwicket.
Harbhajan bowling six wides down the leg side in one over.
Dravid getting bowled through the gate; and
Kumble getting run-out
Repeat the above 20 times each ….

Lets take a quick 20-min break…after the break, we will have analysis from our expert panel.
Keep polling in on our question for the day:

“Is this the best team to beat Netherlands ” (are they in our group ? will we meet them in Super 8s ! questions…questions..sigh !)



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