Reverse Evolution

I was just thinking this morning : is reverse evolution possible ?

There have been cases where scientists have re-constructed pre-ancient genes (a la Jurassic Park). But what I am referring to here is reverse evolution of human beings.

At the rate which we are advancing technologically, soon we humans will not have much to do. We already have house-hold appliances to do the cooking, cleaning for us. We have robots and modern machines to help build things for us in our factories. We have computers to do the calculations for us.
The progress in AI promises to help create machines which can also do the thinking for us.

Imagine a scenario (maybe hundreds of years away from now) where an average human being does not have to do anything. He/she will just need to sit around watching robots/machines go about their daily routines.
We would have become physically wasted due to lack of activity. Since the robots are doing the thinking for us, we are not obliged to use our brains anymore. With dis-use comes dis-ability. Soon, we will lose use of our bodies as they are currently designed. Our legs will become so weak (due to generations of idly lying around) that we will no longer be able to stand up straight. Over a few generations we would revert to being quadrapeds.
With machines dominating us, we will become dumb and lose all sense of knowledge — science, mathematics. We will lose all sense of art. In short we will lose all that now distinguishes us humans.

In such a scenario, will we de-evolve into apes ? Will intelligent machines be the new humans , catching their creators and putting them on display in zoos ?


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2 Responses to “Reverse Evolution”

  1. Vaidya Says:

    Hey let us assume this theory is true! There exists a point when human beings lose all sense (Intelligence). Then we no longer can operate the machine we invented (we don’t have intelligence!). So the machine no longer works for what it is supposed to work for. If there is no use for the machines then Hummans have to find an alternative and hence we evolve again. So unless humans find the ultimate truth / humans find how to be God, Evolution is inevitable. So just relax! Hey did I open more questions!!!

  2. vaithianadan Says:

    Hey let us assume reverse evolution is true. We are not talking about genetic variation or mutation, ’cause that itself is evolution. We are here saying going back to original. Let us assume a point ‘X’ in future where human loses their sense. They have no present day intelligence. At this point ‘X’ humans can’t operate the machines they invented. The machines are no use to them and the work machines do have no meaning to humans. At this point ‘X’ human have to find something, which will fulfill their need and hence we evolve again! Who knows may be the birds, reptiles, for that matter the whole animal kingdom and the plants are each creations of humans during each evolution period and now we no longer understand them and left them to operate on their own! Hey did I hear someone whispering we are once God! One thing is for sure though, either Evolution is inevitable or we are once God!

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