The SLOW Movement 2

It is 6:30 AM..and I have to get up and start the daily grind.
I feel like lying around though…is this what the SLOW movement is all about. Just lying around, trying to “live” the moment, trying to “soak-in” the day before we push our bodies out of the sleep and rest that they could do with…
But wait, I still want my cup of “instant” coffee..I still want my internet connection up and running..even as I write this I am thinking of how I can get more people to read this post. I cant lie around without thinking up new ideas for a post…

Paradox, this life of ours….
We are all the same…running furiously towards our deaths and every now and then we curse our lives for being so fast.

Who can argue with people who can never see themselves..only the faults of others ???


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