In conversation with Alpha and Beta 2

Alpha (India Uncut):
On Losing a Limb

Beta (Trials And Tribulations):

Pardon my silliness…but your logic sounds crooked to me…

“I’m staggered, but what the hell, if people want to cut their limbs off, they should be allowed to do whatever makes them happy. Why be judgmental about people’s desires when they don’t affect anyone else? No?”

Taking this one step forward, if people want to kill themselves “when they dont affect anyone else” they should be allowed to, right ? so…where does this end ?

Personal freedom does have its limits, no ?
questions, questions….sigh !

I support the right to commit suicide, btw. If I want to take my own life, no one has a right to stop me, least of all the state.

Naturally my friends and relatives can and will and should try to convince me otherwise. But that’s where it ends.


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