Television Subscription

Television Subscription

This raises a lot of questions….in fact I found the comments more informed on this article than the article itself.
Other things aside, rudimentarily speaking, I see the following content broadcasting options today:

Cable television:
The idea is you pay for the content…but you pay a la carte…i.e you dont pay for specific pay for a bunch of channels and hope it covers your requirements.

The idea is, you pick which channels to you have better control. The flip side ? — if there is a new channel (Nimbus, anyone ?) that recently bought out the rights for your favourite sports show, you have to shell out more money.

The idea is pretty similar to CAS..only you dont have to put up with the cable guy. Instead, you pay the satellite company. And, of course, you pay for the equipment.

Yes, I have known movie halls that broadcast cricket matches for a fee !!!
The medium is interesting…but there are drawbacks — in the sense, you have to go to the hall, pay for the ticket (and the customary popcorn) and put up with hundreds of other people to watch your favourite show (I do expect movie halls to broadcast TV shows in the near future) — I almost forgot…since it is a pre-scheduled show, you will have to make yourself available on show time.

Lets see…what other optiions do we have ?
I think AppleTV, Movies-on-demand, cricket on the internet…

Can you think of any more innovative ideas ??


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