Infinity Puzzle 2

Update: If you came here looking for “Eternity ii Puzzle”, please go here

Suppose you have two glasses. A and B
Glass A is full of milk and glass B is full of water.

Suppose you take a spoon of water from glass B and mix it into the milk in glass A. Next, you take a spoon of the mixture in glass A and mix this into glass B.

Suppose you keep doing this till infinity…
Will the two glasses hold equal amounts of both liquids ? Will the liquid all evaporate ? Will all the milk be transferred to glass B and all the water to glass A ???


2 Responses to “Infinity Puzzle 2”

  1. Infinity Puzzle… « India Syndicate Says:

    […] had written a post sometime back titled “Infinity Puzzle 2“. For some reason beyond my limited mental capabilities, a lot of folks are recently using […]

  2. Padmavathi Vanka Says:

    It’s too difficult to answer this question!!!

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