Amar Singh interview with Karan Thapar >>> Devil’s Advocte

Transcript of the interview

Quite frankly, the whole interview was absolutely disgusting. I mean, come on guys !

Most of the interview was spent on Mr. Thapar trying to pin Mr Singh down on the Nithari incident and Mr Singh, in turn, trying to point out other gruesome incidents across the country to show UP is not the worst place on earth and his party’s government is not the worst around.
But what was most disgusting for me was this section of the interview (I am quoting here directly from the transcript..I hope this is not piracy)

Karan Thapar:
Don’t talk about Assam, we are talking about UP. His minister gave the impression that it was chhoti moti, that minister happens to be his brother. Should he not have gone to Nithari and said ‘I am coming to personally reassure you’?

Amar Singh: Let me tell you. On behalf of the Chief Minister, I went there. I gave them residential plot, Rs 5 lakh each, job and they are happy.

Look at Mr. Singh’s reply…”I gave them…” what is that supposed to mean? did Mr. Singh pay for this out of his own pocket ? Isnt it our hard-earned tax money ?
Even if we forget the fact that Mr. Shivpal Yadav was as reckless (or is it heartless) to call it a “Chotti-Motti baat”, it is still very disgusting (I believe I have used that word ten times now). These politicians have already started to believe that tax-payer’s money is theirs to spend as they wish. If Mr.Singh can gift a Bentley to Mr. Bacchhan senior on his birthday, he can just as well pay the compensation money out of his own pocket (if he feels that compassionate towards the victims). The idea is not to say the victims shouldn’t be paid…the point is the penalty for this crime should come out of the pockets of those who are directly responsible for this.

Still find it hard to believe I pay every day for the thousands of horrendous crimes that take place in this country everyday while our politicians roam around in their Bentleys and Mercs to one stylish party after another. But my pain is belittled by the suffering of those whose kids die at the hands of these brutes and the police doesnt even register their complaint !!!

I feel worried…deeply worried…

The SLOW movement

The SLOW movement
I have a feeling I will post more on this on a conntinuos basis on this blog.

The first question that came to my mind when I read about this was: If people start working less number of hours, will it impact the quality of services that we enjoy on day-to-day basis ? If my TV is broken and I call for the service guy, will he take his own sweet time to come and help me (while I miss crucial games in the cricket world cup !) ?

I want to write more on this in the near future as I want to understand what a “slow” life would mean to us individually as human beings and to the society at large.
Perhaps slow living does not mean lousy professionalism..maybe it means enjoying what you do…doing things because you love them and not because you need to do them for money.

Maybe, that is the gist of living life…doing things that we get joy out of directly. These days, we do things so we earn more money, so we can buy stuff, so they can give us comfort, so we can be happy — in other words, enjoyment comes (if at all) indirectly… the consequences of your actions (in terms of enjoyment) are delayed..and it is getting worse every day, every week, every year.
Gone are the days when we used to get instant joy, satisfaction, contentment out of doing things…and those things were simple, like feeding/clothing our kids, sharing jokes with our parents/friends, reading books..
These days, we just put up with our lives, our jobs, our colleagues so we can save enough money to make our retired lives easier….

Your comments please… !

Fire Engines in Mumbai

This morning, on my way to work, I saw a screaming fire engine trying to find its way through the rush hour traffic.
It brought my heart to my mouth…what if this was the fire fighting team on its way to fighting a fire at my home ? to save my beloved ones ?
The traffic didnt budge an inch…no one on the road even attempted to make way for the fire engine. No one as much as looked at the fire engine. A couple of truck drivers did glance around to find out what the noise was all about but that’s about it.
Worse, even the traffic constable didn’t bother to help the fire engine find its way…Luckily, the team found a by-lane that they took…I am hoping this was some kind of shortcut to the place the team was supposed to reach … and I sincerely doubt if the by-lanes themselves are any less congested than the highway. (calling the Western Express Highway an express highway or even a highway seems to be the biggest and cruelest joke to me !!!)
Several questions come to mind…what if this was an ambulance trying to reach the patient or carrying a critically ill patient to medical help ? Would the response from the traffic been any different ?
How are fire stations located ? do they cover a small, easily-reachable area considering the usual congestion on our roads ? are they strategically located near high-risk buildings (such as factories, restaurants, schools etc) ? has any thinking been done about these ?

The worst sight for me today was the atmosphere inside the fire engine — all the fire fighters had a calm, serene look on their faces. You could say that they need to be calm (and anyway, there is nothing they can do about the traffic, can they ?)…but if my house were on fire, I would be seriously disturbed by those looks…it was almost as if they didnt mind stuck in traffic…(I have seen cars honking more than the fire engine did today…I have seen rickshaw drivers try going across traffic more than the fire engine did today…I feel its the attitude that counts…)..

I am worried…deeply worried….

Cricket : BCCI politics at a new low ???

If this is true, it is truly disgusting !

I hope I am over-reacting..and this is just a co-incidence.

Pune drops out and Kolkotta gets to host the first one-dayer between India and Sri Lanka. This, just after Prasanna Mukherjee was elected as CAB (Cricket Association of Bengal) President — after Mr.Dalmiya resigned. Hope this is just a co-incidence and does not indicate any dirty politics on the part of BCCI.

Television Subscription

Television Subscription

This raises a lot of questions….in fact I found the comments more informed on this article than the article itself.
Other things aside, rudimentarily speaking, I see the following content broadcasting options today:

Cable television:
The idea is you pay for the content…but you pay a la carte…i.e you dont pay for specific pay for a bunch of channels and hope it covers your requirements.

The idea is, you pick which channels to you have better control. The flip side ? — if there is a new channel (Nimbus, anyone ?) that recently bought out the rights for your favourite sports show, you have to shell out more money.

The idea is pretty similar to CAS..only you dont have to put up with the cable guy. Instead, you pay the satellite company. And, of course, you pay for the equipment.

Yes, I have known movie halls that broadcast cricket matches for a fee !!!
The medium is interesting…but there are drawbacks — in the sense, you have to go to the hall, pay for the ticket (and the customary popcorn) and put up with hundreds of other people to watch your favourite show (I do expect movie halls to broadcast TV shows in the near future) — I almost forgot…since it is a pre-scheduled show, you will have to make yourself available on show time.

Lets see…what other optiions do we have ?
I think AppleTV, Movies-on-demand, cricket on the internet…

Can you think of any more innovative ideas ??

How to live longer 1

Noble Prize Winners live longer

I am only hoping this blog wins the Nobel Prize for “outstanding contribution in the field of killing time”.
Am counting on your votes and support.

Infinity Puzzle 2

Update: If you came here looking for “Eternity ii Puzzle”, please go here

Suppose you have two glasses. A and B
Glass A is full of milk and glass B is full of water.

Suppose you take a spoon of water from glass B and mix it into the milk in glass A. Next, you take a spoon of the mixture in glass A and mix this into glass B.

Suppose you keep doing this till infinity…
Will the two glasses hold equal amounts of both liquids ? Will the liquid all evaporate ? Will all the milk be transferred to glass B and all the water to glass A ???