Wasps for detecting biological weapons….

Did you know that wasps could be trained to detect biological weapons…..did you know that dogs could be trained to smell out cancer in human beings ???

Do we understand what this signifies in terms of human evolution….?

We, homo sapiens, have started using animals like we used devices earlier…at this rate, we could be using everything that is out there — living and non-living – in our struggle for survival…we could be moulding this planet to help suit our survival needs. The pathos of this is that we are fast moving away from what we would like to call a eggregious existence — in short we are acting God.

Irrespective of what humanists and animal right activists would like us to believe, we are living in a world where human might is supreme… we were always ahead in the evolution race — but now we have reached a scenario where we are the masters of all we survey.
We create hybrids by cross-breeding different species, we can clone animals…we can use animals to do what we can never do ourselves — we have learnt to use their sense of smell, their instincts, their behaviour patterns…everything….

I dont know where this post is going…but hopefully, it will evolve in due course….till then….


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