Eight years in jail after acquital !!!

Man spends eight years in
— just
because the jail authorities did not get the acquital order from the court !!!
Now, how ridiculous is that …that’s what I thought when I saw (or is heard?) the news
this morning….Come to think of it, it is more worrisome than ridiculous….the mere fact that an order
could not reach from the court to the jail in eight years is staggering to say the
least…I mean, how the hell ??? how bad can our administrative departments be ????
But lets cut to the human aspect of the whole thing…the jail authorities must have
known very well that the court has acquitted the man. They must have found it surprising
that the order has not reached them…wouldn’t any normal human being ask why it has not
reached him? If I were to get my salary slip late, I would call up ten people to figure
out what is wrong… but I wouldn’t bother if someone’s acquital orders did not reach me
???It takes extra-ordinary people to keep mum for so long…I mean eight years do not pass
by in a flash…not in our jails (not that I have been in a jail before, but you get my
point..) didnt the man understand that he was free to go? did he never ask why he was
still detained? was his voice squashed by the jail authorities? was there no one to help
Currently, the man is filing for compensation for the whole matter…wonder how long
that will take ???


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