Amma, mom, maa….

I dont recollect when I first said each of those words…its been a part of my psyche ever since I was born.

In turns, I have loved, shouted at, cried for and missed my mom. I always considered myself closer to my dad…so in a sense, I was never a mama’s boy. But then the question really is : is there any such thing as a “mama’s boy”? dont we all belong to our mothers? come to think of it, we are literally a part of our moms. My mom, for some reason, went to the pain of carrying me in her womb for 9 months and then smiled through an exceptionally painful delivery process to give this world a gift : me….ever since then, several people have argued that this cannot be technically called a “gift”…maybe more of a torment…

I have tormented my mom…angered her numerous times, got her into a fit of rage…

But somehow, she has put up with me all these years…because we both know that I am a part of her…

I do not proclaim to love my mom…I dont have to…this feeling is so much more than just love…I am just an extension of her and will remain so till I pass on from this earth..

So here’s to mom…coz I will love her more than I can love any other woman in my life!!!


One Response to “Amma”

  1. Murali... Says:

    Till few years ago whenever I came across scenes in hollywood movies where in Kids express to their mom/dad that they love him/her very much and vice-versa, I used to feel very strange that do we need to really express that we do love our parents. Is it not very obvious that kids love thier parents and vice-versa barring few exceptional cases like Eminem etc (hahahahaaaaa…I donno why the hell all of a sudden Eminem came to my mind…I may be worng that he hates his mother…whatever..)

    But I started realizing that yes we do have to express more openely (by openely I do not mean shouting in public) whether it is our parents ot siblings or friends or for the matter of fact even if its our foes…we should express openely that we love them or we hate them.

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