Jack and Jill went up the hill…

You know the story – two guys go up a hill for some water and one of them broke something and was put to bed… now what the hell is the moral of this story???

Hmmm…cant be “dont climb mountains for some damn water!”, can it? (I, for one, fail to understand why anyone would have to go UP a hill for water…but I digress).

Let us try to understand this a little more closely…are Jack and his buddy looking for the wrong thing at the wrong place? or is it inefficient usage of resources (maybe, they should have designed an elaborate drainage/pipeline system to get the water down the hill thus avoiding having the climb the hill, in the first place).

Lets look at it from yet another angle : only Jack got hurt. Does that mean that Jill was smarter? or maybe it means that there are times when you should not lead…at such times, it is safer to follow than to lead…after all it helped Jill.

But I think you are missing the point (there is more?!!)…metaphors are a BAD thing..they are used to make a point and once that is lost, they story itself creates a huge mess… The Ramayana and the Mahabharata were just that — metaphors (Good beats Evil 2-0)…but somehow , somewhere we lost the point…these epics have become ends in themselves…people have started revering them…so, lets revisit these epics and learn the true meaning…the guys who wrote them were trying to make a point…lets try and figure out what that was…


2 Responses to “Jack and Jill went up the hill…”

  1. Snippets from Blore, Mlore and beyond ! Says:

    u drew a good parrallel ..appreciate it

    But What lead u to writing such a stuff !

  2. Murali... Says:

    I can never think that someone can scrutinize a kinder garden poem in such a manner. Hats off.
    Let me try to answer your questions.
    1. To understand why anyone would have to go UP a hill for water, you may have to change your base from metro/city to remote areas of our country.
    2. Your suggestion to design an pipeline system seems too much just for two kids Jack and Jill. By the way whats the age of Jack and Jill. I am under impression they might be kids. Aint they?

    May be they should be shown movie Swades so that they can come up with brilliant ideas like the one conveyed in the movie or like the one conveyed by you here in the blog or so called Mad mans diary
    3. I think u had the answer: Good beats Evil 2-0 or is it that I am too narrow minded not being able to grasp/figure out what exactly those “guys” who wrote them?

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