Closed minds…narrow minds

We all have opinions….that’s where it starts. These opinions are our personal property…our personal fiefdom, so to speak. We start getting attached to these opinions slowly as we go…there are incidents early on that re-inforce our faith in these opinions…and then the trouble starts. We reach a point where we cannot give up these opinions….its like getting into a pool warm water…once you sink, you feel so comfortable you dont want to move….inertia, lethargy etc are some of the common words that come to mind….but in this case, it is more than that…this is a sheer disregard towards the rest of humanity.

I dont personally believe in God…I believe that our thoughts are little more than electric sparks in the brain…there are these little things that trigger joy, emotions, sorrow, anger, irritation….you name it.

Then why are we so attached to these “electric sparks”…because these are the very definitions of who we are..what we do…what other people think of us…what we want them to think of us.

As always, I have no idea where this is going…